Karting and Barefoot Bowling

At Outdoor go-kart you can have the ultimate guys’ event. You will begin your day in the morning around 10 am. If you have a group of over 20, you will have your own bus and tour guide to assist you along the way. The guide can take care of your pictures and videos as well. You can simply focus on the fun. Your first destination is a go karting track for some friendly race with the guys. You will get back on the bus, and stop at some of best bars in Sydney to quench your thirst with great cool beer. You will then go for some barefoot bowling in the afternoon. The evening schedule will include some more bars. The day will end with a few cabaret dances. You will see live performances from some of the best girls in the town.

The ultimate Bucks party with karting and barefoot bowling allows you to have a great fun without the stress of organizing and planning an event. You can have great time, and focus only on that instead to fitting party planning into your busy everyday life. It is great for men of all ages. You will enjoy every moment of the day, and have some great photographs to remember the day at a later time.

The schedules are flexible. You can request your tour guide to stop at specific bars along the way. The guide or the bus will never rush you. You can have all the fun you want. You can start only after you are completely satisfied. The tour bus will drop you back at the pickup location or at your home. You can keep the bus for as long as want. You can watch as many cabaret shows as you want. You can also go to any other location after that.

Are you planning to throw a fun bucks party for the groom? You are definitely not the first. The history of buck’s parties can be traced back to ancient Spartans who celebrated the last night of the groom as a single man back in 5th Century. Bucks parties have evolved over the years but the basic idea of having fun with your buddies remains the same. You may plan a cool event for your friend. However, if you let a professional handle it for you, they can plan and organize your entire day. You simply invite your friends and enjoy.