The Man Cave

If you are looking for the ultimate man cave package that provides the hottest place in Sydney area for you and your buds to get together for a man cave party that will always be remembered, then you need our Ultimate Man Cave Package. We now have the ultimate man cave package giving you access to the hottest place in Sydney for you and your buds to hang out and have a good time. This package includes air hockey table, pool comp and pool tables, shooting and driving games and go karting with a pizza lunch! Now you can get your game on in an exclusive VIP area that will satisfy your every desire, including the best go karting in the Sydney area, based in Minto.

Well, that’s only the beginning of making your dream of the ultimate man cave package a reality. In addition to challenging your mates with exciting games, you’ll also get the chance to enjoy Sydney’s most exotic spots. There is a bottle shop right next door BYO when the go karting is done with and head over to Sydney’s top-ranked table dancing clubs with a couple of VIP door entries. Here, all the girls will welcome you and your friends for a wild Bucks party night that will certainly put a big smile on your face. You’ll be thrilled and have a great time in our specially selected clubs. The fun is not over without our flag girls visiting our onsite party bus to make sure you have a great time!

That’s right you can make your ultimate man cave experience even more exciting by having our flag girls with you! Our flag girls will guarantee that you have some fun all day long: Securing your seat belts in the go karts, cheering you up and waving the flags during your race, and they will even do some private shows if you have extra cash with you. You and your group get a minimum of four hours of fun with our girls, for a total of $250 and when you jump on board our onsite party bus, the Man Cave party gets even crazier and wilder! You won’t believe what you see!

That’s right bring our flag girls with you to go along with your ultimate man cave party in Sydney and you will be excited to see them go wild at our VIP party bus, absolutely decked out as a swanky night club where the only people allowed in are your guests. Our bus is not an ordinary fun bus: It’s a unique, legendary party bus that’s fully equipped with top-quality smoke machine, disco lights and other exciting gadgets. What an exotic way to top off your Man Cave party in Sydney! Go ahead and book a visit to the man cave with our hot and sexy flag girls! Call us today and make your dream a reality!