Bucks Night Go Karting and Party Bus

If you and your friends want to have a fun and exciting night out, then consider having a Bucks night go karts and party bus event. This is a more unique way to hang out and have lots of fun with your friends, rather than playing same old online games. Night go karts and Bus can provide you with a great alternative to other fun night-time activities. This activity is also ideal for guys who want to celebrate a bachelor party in an unusual way. In addition to having a go karts racing activity, you and your mates will also get to have good dinner and drinks at some of the hottest party spots in Sydney.

Package Pricing – $200.00 Per Head

Bucks Night Go Party and Bus Packages Includes:

  • Pick Up At 3.00pm – Exclusive Party Bus
  • Then Of To Go Karting – Sober Bus
  • Karting Package Includes – Pizzas And Your Licence
  • 2 x 7 Race Heats For Each Driver – Then 12 Lap Final
  • Double Points Final With Trophies For The Winners
  • Then Back On The Party Bus For A Pub Crawl
  • We Offer 3 great Aussie Pubs or Venues
  • Dinner Including Reserved Seating – We Pay
  • Social Photographer – Tour Guide To Capture The Day
  • Party Bus Equipped With a Microphone and Great Tunes
  • Then We Will Drop You At Your Destination – At 12.00am

Friday – Saturdays and Sundays 3:00pm – 12:00am

* Packages are based on a minimum of 20 people.

* Prices do not include any additional extras like – Flag Girls or Strippers.

Call Now (02) 8004 6279

When you participate in the Bucks night go karts and party bus event, which is the best go kart package around, you’ll get to enjoy riding on the legendary party bus with your friends. The bus is fully loaded with music equipment that entertains you all during the bus ride, setting up the right mood for you to enjoy your party. During the go karts racing, you’ll get a chance to perform 2 heats of racing. Each of your friends will also get a chance to race 2 heats, providing everyone the opportunity to have some serious fun at the event. The final heat gives double points, and the person who wins the race receives a trophy after the race. You’ll also be able to have your pictures taken showing you and your friends having a fun night.

Your Bucks night go karts and party bus event won’t be over without dinner. You and your friends will get to have good dinner and drinks at one of the favourite pubs in Sydney. You and your mates will have reserved seating for better service. You’ll get to talk about your go kart racing event over hearty pub food and some good beer. You’ll be ready to go on your pub crawl after dinner. You and your friends will likely have a great time enjoying dinner together during your night out.

Your Bucks night go karts and party bus event isn’t complete without your pub crawl. You’ll get to visit two more pubs after you’re done with dinner. This will allow you to have even more fun with your mates. Sydney pubs are one of the hottest and famous places to enjoy night-life in Australia. After you’ve finished visiting both pubs, the popular party bus will be available to take you home. You’ll get to continue the fun time on your ride back home. You’ll be able to stay out until 3 am, having as much fun as you want at the pub.