Corporate Karting

If you want to improve efficiency and productivity in the workplace, you must find ways to improve employee morale. One of the simplest and best ways to accomplish this is through corporate karting. Often considered a fun activity for children, kart racing is enjoyed by adults as well. It is quickly becoming a popular fun activity for people of all ages. Step up and challenge your co-workers on a race to see who is the “king of the track” and not just talk! Corporate karting is a great fun team building activity the guys will be talking about for weeks and even months to come!

Let us organise your own corporate karting event! If you are serious about doing something fun with your employees, then consider getting our corporate karting package. Corporate karting is a great opportunity to participate in a highly-charged, competitive activity that drives energy, improves teamwork and creates memorable events. This sport really can bring out the competitive side of your employees, even the quietest receptionist! Pit teams of racers from one department against racers from another department, or test the skill of your employees against your managers – just let us know how many people will participate in the race and the location that you prefer and we will do the rest!

We can provide an excellent facility to host your corporate event. If you are considering corporate karting and want to create an enjoyable and unforgettable day for your employees and work colleagues, then take a look at the various packages available. We offer excellent, affordable packages that will provide you and your employees lots of opportunities to have a great time together. We can also provide transportation in one of our party buses equipped with pumping sound system and disco lights! When you order our corporate karting package, you’re assured to creatively build team morale in your organisation, helping to boost productivity.

Our corporate karting activities are an exhilarating and unforgettable experience that can improve morale, boost team cohesiveness, and provide lasting benefits to your company. Corporate karting is an absolute blast, and provides colleagues with a fantastic experience and we are certain you’ll agree when you see the impact it has on your staff. The thrill of racing has a great impact on people and fosters communication. Employees will be chatting about the race, and in so doing, they’ll also be building good working relationships. Our corporate karting event package is unlike any other – you’ve got to experience it for yourself!