Our Flag Girls

There are times when guys just want to hang out and have a great time. Some of these events require a special type of entertainment that only flag girls can provide. This type of occasion requires some excitement and the talent of flag girls to make it memorable. A man cave party is one of those occasions. Throwing a man cave party before your wedding is a time-honoured tradition. It’s a guy’s party to celebrate his last day as a bachelor. It is the perfect occasion to have the entertainment of flag girls. Make the man cave party truly unforgettable by bringing our flag girls along.

That’s right! You and your friends can have more fun at your man cave party by inviting our flag girls! It’s the best way to liven up the party and to ensure that you and your pals have a great time. Our flag girls will provide you entertainment and fun all day long. They will check your seat belts when you get ready for the go karts race, wave the flags during your racing competition, and even do some private shows if you have extra cash with you. It’s a minimum of four hours of excitement, totalling $250 per group. And when you get on board our onsite party bus, the party gets even crazier and wilder! You will hardly believe what you see on the bus!

That’s right! Bring our flag girls with you to your man cave party and you’ll get to see them go wild at our VIP party bus. Our party bus is completely decked out just like a night club atmosphere with disco lights and a smoke machine, and also a dance pole for performing private shows. When you invite our flag girls you are assured to see many surprises. The entire party will go wild! What a fantastic way to top off your man cave party! Invite our hot and sexy flag girls to your Man Cave party and let your friends enjoy a wild party night.

When you book our flag girls, we’ll provide you with talented flag girls to meet your desires. Make sure everyone of your friends is prepared for real excitement and fun as our flag girls put on a mind blowing performance. Our flag girls want to ensure that guys are having an excellent time so prep yourself and your mates for the arrival of our flag girls. The looks on the faces of your friends at the Man Cave party will be priceless when our flag girls arrive. The entire party will go wild! You’ll have the great time you’ve been waiting for.