The Rules

Our aims to operate a fun and safe outdoor activity for all. Therefore, we reserve the right to terminate any ride, for any reason, at any time. The standard rules below apply at all times.

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  • No contact or dangerous driving is allowed.
  • Do not exit your go kart until instructed, raise your hand if you have crashed.
  • Always drive at walking pace speed into pit lane.
  • Hair nets or caps must be worn under our hire helmets.
  • You can BYO helmet.p provided it is Australian Standards approved.
  • Closed in shoes must be worn.
  • No loose clothing or hooded jumpers are allowed.
  • Seat belts must be fastened.
  • One pedal at a time. Do not use the accelerator and brake at the same time.
  • Always drive at walking pace in pit lane and stay in your kart until instructed to exit.

Flag Signals:

  • Green Flag – Start of race (green flagged is used during Grand Prix race format)
  • Yellow Flag – Slow down immediately (accident ahead).
  • Red FlagRide is over, return to pit lane at a walking pace.
  • Checkered Flag – Race is over, slow down and return to pit lane at a walking pace.

Light Signals:

  • Green Light – Make your way onto to track.
  • Yellow Light – Slow down, accident ahead.
  • Red Light – Return to pit lane at a walking pace.